5ml ampoule - 250mg


Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and Deoxycholate (DC)

General Information

Fat deposits are not treated the same way as is cellulitis. Unfortunately no scientific studies (01-2006) have actually been found concerning fat elimination metabolism after lipodissolution. Usual concentration reported: PC = 250mg/5ml (=5%), DC= 1-2.5%.

Other associated components are not necessary. Some studies even claim that DC alone is active.


  • Deoxycholate: DC is a biliary salt, a potent tensioactive component, able to destroy cell membranes.
  • Phosphatidylcholine: PC allows fats to be soluble in water as an 'oil in water' solution made of adipocitary fatty acids and natural hydrophillic components.
  • Globally: PC+DC mixture induce an adipocyte definitive lysis associated to a fat solubilization.


Fat deposits: buffalo neck, lipomas, substitution of liposuction.


Till now no overdosage report can be found in literature.


Fat dissolving mix: L-carnitine may be mixed with P-choline for dilution.

Dermastabilon 5cc
L-Carnitrans 2.5-5cc

L-Carnitrans is a fat carrier.

Fat dissolving mix: Dermastabilon + Taurine + Organis Silicium.

Dermastabilon 5cc
Taurinox 1cc
Silorg 5cc

Taurine is necessary for mixture stability.

Organic silicium has a synergetic effect with Dermastabilon and it liberates salicylic acid as pain reliever.